Secure Power Systems

Quantum Energy is a specialist in Secure Power Systems deployment and Maintenance services for Critical Infrastructure, Industries and Institutions such as Manufacturers, Banking, Hospitals, Oil and Gas. 
Our offer includes Design, Installation and Maintenance of PV Solar system, Inverter/Battery systems and Industrial UPS

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Power Quality Improvement Systems

Power quality determines the fitness of electric power to consumer devices. Synchronization of the voltage. frequency and phase allows electrical systems to function in their intended manner without significant loss of performance or life. Poor Power Quality may lead to electrical/electronic device Malfunction and untimely destruction

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Electrical Distribution

Quantum Energy provides comprehensive product offering for Low and Medium Voltage (LV/MV) distribution equipment like Primary/secondary switchgears, transformers, indoor and outdoor breakers.
Our offer includes Electrical Distribution system design, LV/MV distribution equipment Installation

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GSM Radio Network Survey

During RF Planning, one of the fundamental activities that ensure a good network is Radio Network Survey.
Our Engineers are equipped with relevant skills to Carry out Site selection and design appropriate engineering parameters for optimum Radio Network performance

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Microwave LOS Survey

Since most base stations in Africa are connected Via Wireless Transport media, Suitability of a site for construction is eventually decided by availability of a Point to Point transport network.                            Our engineers are proficient in the use of PATHLOSS for prediction Line Of Sight (LOS) to ensure seamless 

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Fiber Optics Installation and Management

Quantum Basics stands out in the provision of good and reliable installation, management and maintenance of Optical fiber for Telecom companies.
We can implement indoor and outdoor installations, upgrade and maintenance of fiber optics cable laying and Security surveillance

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Electrical Audits – Inspection & Integrity Testing

Our Engineers will detect where the fault may lie, helping to eliminate the risk thereby improving your establishments’ safety as well reduce the amount of money spent on replacing damaged or burnt down structures, facilities and equipment.Our testing processes do not require pulling down or pulling out any part of the system, and are equipped with infrared thermography technology.

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Asset Management

Using GIS you can view, understand, question, interpret and visualize data of your enterprise assets in various locations and in ways that shows the relationships, patterns and trends in the form of maps, reports, and charts. Our solution will help utility distribution companies control, monitor and manage both remotely dispersed and local assets real-time.

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The Sinetamer® solution

The Sinetamer® solution encompasses the deployment of a 4th Generation Technology of surge and transient protection system. We are more than just a typical lightning arrestor which can be found on electrical panels around the world. Sinetamer® is an engineered

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About Us

Quantum Basics Nigeria Limited (QBNL) is a company with vast experience in providing end-to-end IT Telecoms solutions, Integration, network planning, Optimization services and Energy Management.;

We are duly registered in Nigeria as a limited liability company committed in delivering superior return to our clients through our cost effective, value-oriented service model.
Since our founding in 2001, Quantum Basics has made considerable progress towards creating a company that will endure and prosper into the future.

Several factors have contributed to our remarkable successes, but one factor stands out; our unwavering commitment to a set of three core values, which have with passage of time become our watchword- Partnership, Relationship, and Commitment to Excellence


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