About Us

Quantum Basics Nigeria Limited (QBNL) is a company with vast experience in providing end-to-end IT Telecoms solutions, Integration, network planning, Optimization services and Energy Management.;

We are duly registered in Nigeria as a limited liability company committed in delivering superior return to our clients through our cost effective, value-oriented service model.
Since our founding in 2001, Quantum Basics has made considerable progress towards creating a company that will endure and prosper into the future.

Several factors have contributed to our remarkable successes, but one factor stands out; our unwavering commitment to a set of three core values, which have with passage of time become our watchword- Partnership, Relationship, and Commitment to Excellence.


To be the leading end to end information, telecommunication and technology service provider in Africa and beyond.


We are committed to enhancing ultimate customer satisfaction by focusing on providing solutions that will move your business in quantum leap.

Core value

Professionalism, Innovation, Passion for service, Excellence, Mutual Respect, Integrity, Honesty.