Electrical Audits

We understand that the inspection and testing in all establishments should be carried out with strict adherence to customer comfort, best international practices, and in a way that does not disrupt operations, hence we use a non-contact, and non-intrusive test equipment to carry out our tests. 

Our testing processes do not require pulling down or pulling out any part of the system, and are equipped with infrared thermography technology.

Our Engineers will detect where the fault may lie, helping to eliminate the risk thereby improving your establishments’ safety as well reduce the amount of money spent on replacing damaged or burnt down structures, facilities and equipment.


The key deliverable at the end of the inspection is an electrical installation condition report that will be delivered to the customer.

The report comprises of all/any faults found and if the installation is safe to use at the time of the test.

It is recommended that electrical systems are tested & inspected at regular recommended intervals.

The Energy Audit involves the following;

Site/Facility and Survey,

Thermal inspection of electrical installations, and Earth-Neutral Bonding

Continuity test and Load imbalance test

Identification of power abusing