Secure Power systems

The term Secure Power refers to the importance of providing reliable power for mission-critical applications in industry. High Power availability is key to operations of Power users in this Category. This is to ensure continuity of service with minimal interruptions. 

While some Secure Power applications can use fairly stock products, others need to be designed from the start with Secure Power needs in mind, rather than modified in the field at the time of installation. For example, there may be a need for electrical and mechanical changes such as ingress protection (IP) level, color (“RAL” color system) changes, or customizations pertaining to transformers, shock absorption, skids, door blocking, or voltage.

Quantum Energy is a specialist in Secure Power Systems deployment and Maintenance services for Critical Infrastructure, Industries and Institutions such as Manufacturers, Banking, Hospitals, Oil and Gas. 
Our offer includes Design, Installation and Maintenance of PV Solar system, Inverter/Battery systems and Industrial UPS